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Projects In Development

10am Media is a Richmond-based media development company, managing all production and distribution of projects. Explore the current media development projects that we have in pre-production. To discuss any of our projects, please get in contact.





John Batchelor is the best tracer in town. He can find anyone that he’s hired to track down It’s his own life that he can’t locate.

Building The Future

Building The Future poster.png

The only thing certain about the future of humanity is that it will depend on new, good ideas. We will look at some of them to see what could happen and how the future might look. 

There Will Be Consequences poster.png

There Will Be Consequences

We meet 6 blackmail victims, 2 police officers, (1 under investigation for corruption), a dead body, and the owner of the house in which they all have to wait for an hour for the authorities to arrive. 

Follow The Money poster.png

Follow The Money

There is much about our history that is unknown and hard to understand.  We use as a starting point in our investigations, the classic piece of advice – Follow the money- to help unravel the truth, of what appear to be unsolvable mysteries. 

On The Edge poster.png

On The Edge

A T.V. series about people who are struggling at the end of their tethers. Everyone says it will make great programmes but the team making them don’t expect the effect it will have on their own lives. 


Pick Me!

The ultimate personality contest as contestants seek success in a series of contests. 


10 by Ten

A series of stories that grab your attention.

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